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About John Valenty

My name is John Valenty. I’m a full throttle entrepreneur with a passion for business, tools and making things better.

My visions include:

  • A new class of digital content will be easier to trust.
  • Health and wellness decisions will be easier to make.
  • Digital marketing tools that are easier to use

When I learn about a problem or an opportunity I don’t quit until I’ve figured it out. I’ve been an entrepreneur since age 10. By age 17, I had a thriving business.

  • At 21 I studied marketing at night and learned to sell things with technology.
  • At 23, I created a step-by-step marketing system that grossed a half billion dollars in just 3 years.
  • At age 25 I built a product called Earnware to make digital marketing easier.

Lately I’ve used Earnware to create millions of subscribers for my websites and I helped many others do the same.

If you’re interested digital marketing I’m glad to know you

Today it’s my absolute passion to help others start, run and grow their online businesses too.

Let’s exchange information and kick more ass together.

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Personally, when I’m not working or hanging out with family, I love surfing, motocross, skiing/snowboarding, ice hockey, martial arts, camping, hiking, shooting, racing anything, flying radio controlled stuff, playing poker, inventing products, and new start-up businesses.

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