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Valenty Enterprises

Founded in 1997, Earnware creates digital marketing software for managing and optimizing advertising, lead generation and subscriber acquisition campaigns.

Earnlink helps ambitious publishers grow their list, create great content and connect with the best advertisers.

500,000 subscribers, 20 million unique visitors per year, unlimited potential. I’m seeking a highly motivated partnership to help me take it all the way.

Inspiring daily messages to nourish your soul and raise your vibe. 300,000+ readers, new mobile app and a paid membership level (coming soon). exists to help people live happier lives. HappierDaily has about 100,000 readers and our editor is currently transitioning from general article content to a more systematic delivery of micro content (“nuggets”) which readers seem to love.

Modern Survival helps people prepare for the unknown. It is our intention to become the most well known, important and useful survival resource in the world. Modern Survival has 100 days of educational quizzes and preparation check lists to help people be ready for whatever comes their way. is an ongoing collaboration with Earnware’s senior developer team led by our CTO Keith Garcia. The men wanted their own project property to test all of our new software, tools, and strategy, and behold, was born. was created to promote independent thinking and to share common sense ideas, useful information and alternative perspectives on important issues. UnitedVoice has 200,000+ readers and growing.