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Well now this is a big topic. If you’re here, you must have some interest in Web marketing yourself. In any case, you’re here and that’s what matters. You’re gathering data and developing expertise in your field.

Many people think that Web marketing and web technology is something they can just hire and fire their way through. They think that their good judge of character and common sense is enough. I don’t believe this is a safe assumption. Successful CEOs and organization leaders can no longer get by with minimal Web marketing expertise. The Web marketing channel is too large, too dangerous, and full of too much opportunity to just hire and fire based on your goals. Could you do your job without basic sales and marketing expertise? No. Well, marketing on the Web deserves the same understanding.

For example, how do you even know if the people you are hiring are any good if you consider yourself “non-technical” and you don’t know enough acronyms to measure their knowledge and competency? You won’t. How will you know if your goals are reasonable or even challenging for your team? You won’t. You’ll be toast. How do you know if you team is pushing themselves to grow or just getting by? You won’t. If this sounds like you, throw that “non-technical” excuse away and start reading about Web marketing at night and asking questions by day. In no time you’ll be able to spot BS and hold your tech guys and vendors accountable with confidence.